Continuous Rim Marble Mold – Multiple Sizes



This is an infinite rim marble mold. Its continuous rim reams the glass into a perfect sphere much faster than a traditional marble mold with an edge. You’ll love how easy it will become to make and round your marbles. Perfect for beginners and experts alike! The geometry and design of this tool has been carefully developed to bring you a versatile marble mold, the handle’s design allows you to manipulate the marble into the kiln, or hold it at various angles for taking off that final punty mark. The graphite is shaped to allow a wide variety of marble sizes. Each mold is measured based on the rim of the mold, and will accommodate a marble from the measured diameter to nearly double that (i.e. our 1″ marble mold will make marbles from 1″ to 2″). Please note that the interior pocket is slightly smaller than the listed diameter, as these marble mold’ work best when the marble can sit on the rim.

Includes marble mold and wooden hose clamp handle.

This mold is available in any size, drop me a line if you want one that isn’t listed. Each is inspected by hand before shipment and is packaged carefully with a generous amount of padding and bubble wrap to ensure safe delivery.



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1 1/2", 1 1/4", 1", 2", 3", 3/4"


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