Brass Pencil Reamer (9.5mm and 12.7mm)



Made for smaller holes, or smooth, edge-less flaring. Our pencil reamers are built tough and are an easy to use tool for flaring, shaping or sculpting. It’s made from USA-made, corrosion-resistant brass. Our material of choice is a quality brass with high machinability, heat handling, and finish.

At 9.5mm and 12.7mm diameter these reamers are well sized and, being made of brass, are quite durable. Perfect for finely detailed and intricate work! The brass piece is removable and is sharpened at both ends. It can be flipped around to renew the tools tip, we also sell replacement brass pieces. The brass has been set into a varnished maple handle for an excellent gripping feel.

Our pencil reamers are made on a manual lathe for extreme accuracy and a perfect finish. Using a lathe allows us to perfectly center both ends of these tools. Each is inspected by hand before shipment and is packaged carefully with a generous amount of padding and bubble wrap to ensure safe delivery.


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12.7mm, 12.7mm Replacement, 9.5mm, 9.5mm Replacement


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