About Us

We started from necessity and have grown into the industry we love.

We are a specialist machine shop located in Fernley, Nevada. Focusing on the machining of graphite and brass for glassblowers, metal-workers, leather-workers and wood-workers. We work in a both technical, and an artistic sense, and can accommodate nearly any project in either field. No job is to large, or to small for us, and we aim to provide exceptional service to anyone needing our services.

At GnG we incorporate the latest technologies to bring you higher quality and more affordable tools and dies. We’ve recently expanded our machining hardware with a 5 axis CNC mill to go alongside our 3 axis mill. The new mill will enable us to create computer manufactured tools such as reamers, glass on glass joint tools, and molds with more complex and accurate geometry. Utilizing only cutting edge software, coupled with our hardware, we bring the embodiment of accurate design to the artisans palate, and technicians table.

If your are interested in a custom tool or die (mold), we are happy help in designing a solution for your exact needs. We offer complete 3D CAD, and machining services accurate to .05mm. A quote or estimate can be given once we have an idea of the scale and complexity of your project. The custom route is an involved and thorough process, we offer this service for those needing tools of a unique caliper. Please reach out to us, through our contact us page, and we’ll be happy to assist you in development of your precise tool and die needs.

We’ve worked with industry leading professionals such as, Bluegrass Glass, Bob Badtram,
The Corning Museum of Glass, Certo Glass, Fire and Light Originals, Hoobs Glass, Jared Delong, Lyons Glass, The Max Plank Institute (Science of Light Division), MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and many more. 

GnG Machine Works, Since 2015.