25mm x 25mm Graphite Reamer




This is our 25mm x 25mm reamer, its taper is made for fast and wide flaring. The taper angle gives this reamer an extremely strong design and ability to withstand high amounts of force. It’s made from USA-made, high density, fine grain graphite. Our material of choice shows no visible grain, or pores, and is polished to a mirror shine. Designed for long tool life, and ease of use, we’re sure you’ll love this larger reamer.

The dimensions of the octagonal cone section:
25mm diameter x 25mm long

Our reamers are made on a 5-Axis CNC mill for extreme accuracy and a perfect finish. You’ll notice our reamers octagons are geometrically correct and the facets are perfectly even, unlike competitive brands. Each is inspected by hand before shipment and is packaged carefully with a generous amount of padding and bubble wrap to ensure safe delivery.


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Reamer, Reamer Replacement Head Only


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